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  • DarkusMaster

    So... I got a new Wii yesterday. I can finally play games after a month long UNWANTED break from the Wii. We've also moved the Wii over to my Dad's side of the Basement, so now, D1JD Videos and WiiViews will now be in full color with no more of that annoying yellow tint.

    And, on a news note, I will now begin making ScorchtheHawk News VIDEOS. That's right, videos! With a camera, my dad's TV, the Wii, and the Wii's Photo Channel to make a green screen. Look out for the first StH News coming soon!

    Can I have someone make the ScorchtheHawk News article? I'll give you a cake, and no, it will not be a lie. Thanks!

    That was the first issue of: "What's new for Scorch?"! Thanks for reading, and I will see you in issue 2. DarkusMaster: VILANTOR!!!! 20:25,…

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  • DarkusMaster


    August 10, 2010 by DarkusMaster

    Welcome to the ScorchtheHawk Wiki! I’m the creator and head of the wiki, DarkusMaster. Nice to meet you! This wiki is open for anyone to edit, but I have a few rules that I want to lay down first.

    • NO ONE is allowed to give out ANY personal info. Anyone who does this will be blocked for 3 days starting on their third offense. A fourth will be 1 week, a fifth being a month, and if you dare do a sixth, you’re done.
    • No cussing, period.
    • Here at ScorchtheHawk, we accept video ideas. Well, I do at least. Feel free to ask me to do a request video for you, and if I approve it, I will do it. I am open to do Video Game Gameplay, Bakugan Reviews, and comedy skits. If you wish to leave a request for Flame-o (Scorch A) and I to do together, please leave it he…
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