Welcome to ScorchtheHawk Wiki

ScorchtheHawk Wiki is a wiki about the YouTube user ScorchtheHawk. This wiki is created by Scorch B, A.K.A. DarkusMaster, who was given the idea for from Dharak1.

Bet you didn't know...

  1. ScorchtheHawk is run my many people.
  2. The main uploader is Scorch B.
  3. Dharak1 really is Scorch B's sister.
  4. The character "ScorchtheHawk" is actually a fusion of DarkusMaster and Flame-o's MarioWiki users, Glitz Hawk and Flame-o, both created by DarkusMaster.
  5. Hothead388 (aka Erimal) doesn't know anyone else that is a part of ScorchtheHawk in real life.

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ScorchtheHawk News (Video)

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