ScorchtheHawk is a user on YouTube. ScorchtheHawk joined YouTube on October 8th, 2009, remained somewhat inactive for three months, and put up their first video on January 16, 2010.


ScorchtheHawk was originally going to be kingsidecastle13's backup account until Scorch B asked to join.

Together, the ScorchtheHawk Admins fixed up the Great Bionicle Fight and turned it into the Great Bionicle War.

ScorchtheHawk builds their videos off of each other's ideas. The Thok Show came to be when Scorch B thought that it would be funny for the Comic Relief character of the GBW to have his own talk show. Scorch A went on his own and created what the Thok Show is today.

Current Scorch Team StatusEdit

Scorch B is in charge until August 7th.



  • The character, Scorch the Hawk, is a fusion of Scorch A and B's MarioWiki accounts, Glitz Hawk and Flame-o, both of which were thought up of by Scorch B.

Current ProjectsEdit


SSBF-Removed by choice

D1JD-Ongoing, but infrequent.

LAyMyMA-Taken over by Scorch A, on hiatus.


Wiiviews-Not Uploaded

DK64 Walkthrough-Canceled and removed due to lack of popularity

Adventures of Pit and Snake-Cancelled

Thok Show-Ongoing

Scorch Riffs-Not uploaded

Scorch Battles-Yet to film

????? ??? ???????? Fandub-Not ready, sound effects package needed. (.wav)

An Emerald Walkthrough-Ongoing

ScorchtheHawk News-Not uploaded, needs fixing

External LinksEdit

ScorchtheHawk's Youtube Channel

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