Hothead388 is a creative writer of ScorchtheHawk, though he doesn't know anyone apart of the group in real life. On Wikias, he goes under Erimal.


Originally, his Wikia user name was going to be Hothead388, but one of his friends ,who is also on Wikia, told him to make it Erimal (for privacy reasons). He will soon be on Bakugan Demensions as Hothead38, since they only take 2 numeral digits.

Name Origins

When Hothead388 was making a Poptropica account, he was going to use Hothead, the name of a Transformer he and a friend made, and a 12 at the end, since 12 is his lucky number. But Hothead12 had already been taken, so one available name was Hothead388, and it has stuck with him since.

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