GBW title

The Great Bionicle War (commonly abbreviated as "The GBW") is ScorchtheHawk's main YouTube Series.


In the Year X, on a planet parallel to the deceased Earth, A war that will bring armies to death is about to occur. But there seems to be more to this war than meets the eye. Watch as war, untainted by television's censorships, unfolds into the nightmare it is.


The "prequel" to the GBW is the Great Bionicle Fight, a series created by kingsidecastle13. When the GBW started, the GBF was dropped. it is rumored to start up again after the GBW is over.


See List of GBW Episodes.


The first spinoff of the GBW is the Thok Show.

Scorch A's Next Project Preview may be prearing us for another spinoff


The GBF is rumored to start up again when the GBW concludes.

Changes from the GBF to the GBWEdit

  • Added video
  • Added voice
  • no more pointless screwing-around at the end
  • Includes more characters
  • Includes Bakugan
  • Includes Creator(s) as characters
  • Better music-choice
  • Much more fluent
  • Made with Windows 7 (and occasionally Windows Vista) (The GBF was made with a Windows XP)
  • Different fliming areas
  • More than 1 location
  • Higher quality
  • Added Spinoffs
  • More that one creator
  • Added digital effects
  • Added green screen effects
  • More options for lighting
  • Certain characters' personalities, appearances, and/or abilities changed
  • More elaborate plot
  • Breaks the fourth wall
  • interacts with current events from time-to-time


  • The GBW is meant to show the realities of and the true meaning of war instead of "Sugarcoating" it like most PG rated, or Disney, movies.

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